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The Spark Strategy is unlike any other sexual violence prevention program on the market;
in fact, it’s not a program at all. We see it as a process that acts as a catalyst for your
organization to develop a solution specifically for your workplace and culture.

Our philosophy and approach to the problem is unique; rather than explaining to your staff how to end workplace violence, these facilitated workshops flip the script and ask your employees, “What do you need to know to end workplace sexual violence, and how will you share that information?” 


The process pulls from design-based thinking methods, expertise from lived experience, and inspires participants to truly be the co-creators of consent culture in their roles as leaders in the workplace, as well as leaders in the broader community.

The intensive, twelve-hour facilitated process changes the conversation around workplace sexual violence and pushes participants to go beyond what they think are “the right answers.”

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Our One of A Kind Methodology 

We're unique for three reasons:

1. Our Approach

2. Our Method

3. Our Audience


Our Approach

Our approach starts by asking members of a community what they believe will change the current culture in their organization. Our process helps build buy-in and community before an institution mandates training or policies to address sexual violence. 


Our Method

We are the only sexual violence prevention process that utilizes a design-thinking methodology as part of our approach. This methodology ensures we can lead people with multiple identities through the process to garner the best ideas possible for sexual violence prevention while making sure we also create a culture of care for participants. In this way, we can have harm-doers, harm-experiencers, and folks who wear both or neither of those identities, all work together without furthering harm in the space. 


Our Audience

Our methodology and approach have been created specifically for audiences who can be resistant or reluctant to participate in training, particularly mandated ones. 

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